Qubecity is a multiplayer terramorphing flash game. In the game you can move around with your humanqube by using the arrow keys. When you are exploring the world, you will notice that sometimes you are not the only player in the world. Qubecity is not only a multiplayer game, it is also a terramorphing game, which means that players can constantly alter the game environment.


There are no specific goals in the game that can be reached and the game can never be completed. There are no levels and each player is just as powerfull as another player. Each player gets the same abilities from the beginning of the game and no extra abilities become unlocked or get taking away from the player. The only purpose of qubecity is to be giant virtual open interactive evolving constructing deconstructing reconstructing collection of sculptures made by you.


You can move around by using the arrow keys. The up key moves your humanqube forward and the down key moves your humanqube backward. The left and right keys rotate the camera ninty degrees around your humanqube and also alter the direction you are moving in by ninty degrees.


The chatwindow allows players to chat with each other. It gives feedback about the abilities you are using and notifications like who is online or who is the shit. Also when you are on top of another humanqube you can read in the chatwindow who that player is. To say something through the chatchannel, you must type your message in the box with the white border at the bottom of the window and then hit enter or the S-button next to the textfield. When you have never used the chatwindow to send a message before you must first type a screenname by which other players can know it is you. Also when you dont have a screenname other players names and chatmessages wont appear in the chatwindow.


The colored buttons on the right side of the screen are your abilities. You can use these to build or demolish stuff or interact with the other players. The next paragraphs describe what each individual ability does.


Use build to put new qubes on top of each other. Ideal for constructing towers.


Just like build, bridge creates new qubes, but does this in a horizontal direction. You can only use bridge, when you already are on top of another qube.


With dig you destroy the qube that is underneath you. So it can be used as an undo for build.


Another way to destroy buildings is with drill. The difference with dig is that it goes in horizontal direction, which makes it usefull for creating windows or doors. A special feature of the drill ability is that after you drilled a cube you dont immediatly fall down, which enables you to destroy long bridges.


With this ability you can turn yourself into a brown colered shitqube. When you are in this state and you walk over another player that player turns into the shit. Consider it as a silly tagging game.


To hide yourself from other players you can use stealth. Stealth simply turns yourself invisible. When you are invisible and want to become visible again you must hit the stealthbutton again.


With nightvision you can toggle the visibility of all other players. Which means that all players who are visible will turn invisible, but those who are invisible will become visible.


This ability allows you to move forward at a very fast speed. The chatwindow will also give you an indication of which direction you are moving in.


You can use the home ability to quickly return to a specific point in space. To set this point or homeqube you must hit the home button, when you are on top of a building. When you are on the ground and you hit the home button, you will return to the last place where you left your homeqube.


Although the save ability doesnt do any visible cool stuff, it is a very usefull ability. By hitting this button you will save the current state of the buildings. So if you or another player comes back the buildings will still be there or if you destroyed some they are gone forever.


To prevent that there will become an overload of qubes and buildings, Qubecity is spread over several timezones or years. The timespiral ability allows you to travel between them.


You can play the game here.

Follow the developments in qubecity on twitter.

The website of the creator of qubecity, where you can find other flash projects and games.